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JKNM Records

Our CDs are distributed by Allegro Music. You can order any of the records below by credit card using their shopping cart. To order by check, please fill out our online order form.

Some song titles have sound clips. For Real Audio format, click on “RA”; click on “MP3” to listen a clip in MP3 format.

Sojurner Truth “. . . ain’t I a woman?”
This recording features Avery on bass, Jeri Brown on vocals, Onaje Allan Gumbs on piano, Yoron Israel on drums, Craig Handy on tenor saxophone, and Duane Eubanks on trumpet.

1. Isabella’s Awakening    MP3
2. Motherless Child    MP3
3. Bomefree    MP3
4. Ain’t I a Woman
5. Truth Be Told
6. Pleading for My People
7. Virtuous She Is
8. The Way Home
9. Son of Mine
10. NYC 1800’s
11. Catch the Sunset

Running Man
This recording features Avery on acoustic bass and 6 string electric bass, longtime associate Onaje Allan Gumbs-piano, Yoron Israel-drums, Craig Handy-Soprano and tenor saxophones, Maya Sharpe-vocals.

1. Runnin Man    MP3
2. Jump!
3. Breathe Again
4. Cheri’s Smile
5. Celestial Stride
6. Her All
7. Rwandan Escape
8. Ancestry Delight
9. Lexi’s Song
10. Silent War
11. Cheri’s Smile (reprise)

Avery Sharpe Trio Live
Featuring three of Avery’s originals, one originals by Onaje Allan Gumbs, McCoy Tyner’s “Blues On The Corner”, Yusef Lateef’s “Morning” and an arrangement of “My Favorite Things”.
Avery Sharpe Trio, with Onaje Allan Gumbs and Winard Harper.

1. Blues on the Corner    MP3
2. Morning Glow (Asayake)    MP3
3. Oh No!    MP3
4. Morning
5. I Understand
6. Dragon Fly
7. My Favorite Things

Autumn Moonlight
Includes six originals by Avery Sharpe, two originals by Onaje Allan Gumbs, a song by Woody Shaw, and a killer arrangement of James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain.”
Avery Sharpe Trio, with Onaje Allan Gumbs and Winard Harper.

1. Boston Baked Blues    MP3
2. Fire and Rain    MP3
3. Autumn Moonlight    MP3
4. Take Your Time, But Hurry Up!
5. Palace of the Seven Jewels
6. Organ Grinder
7. Intrepid Warrior
8. Lost in a Dream
9. Visible Man
10. First Time We Met

Legends & Mentors
The music of McCoy Tyner, Archie Shepp and Yusef Lateef
Avery Sharpe Quintet, with Joe Ford, John Blake, Onaje Allan Gumbs, and Winard Harper.

1. Big Mac    MP3
2. Ballad For Aisha    MP3
3. Fly With The Wind    MP3
4. The Chief
5. Steam
6. Ujaama
7. Gentle Giant
8. Morning
9. Because They Love Me

Dragon Fly
Avery Sharpe Trio, with Winard Harper and Onaje Allan Gumbs, featuring Jeri Brown and Chico Freeman.

1. Oh No!    RA  MP3
2. Swingfield
3. Dragon Fly
4. Protect Me
5. Morning Glow
6. My Favorite Things
7. Now That’s What I’m Talkin’ About
8. Evolution
9. All About You
10. Trilogy
11. Change
12. Sweet Georgia Brown

Extended Family III
Family Values
Featuring John Blake, Jeri Brown, Ronnie Burrage, Gail Dixon, Kevin Eubanks, Stephen Scott, Kevin Sharpe, Marvie “Smitty” Smith, Richard Spencer, Akua Dixon Turre, and the Extended Family Choir.

1. Family Values RA  MP3
2. Parental Love
3. I Am My Sister’s Keeper
4. Stone Soul Jester
5. A Father’s Pride
6. Blood Is Thicker Than Mud
7. Reunion
8. Always Expect The Best From Yourself
9. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help
10. They Are Watching
11. We’re All In This
12. I Am My Brother’s Keeper

Extended Family II
Thoughts of My Ancestors
Featuring Ronnie Burrage, Sa Davis, Kevin Eubanks, Joe Ford, Marc Puricelli, Adam Rudolph, Kevin Sharpe, Alvin Terry, and the Extended Family Choir.

1. Dance of Prosperity RA  MP3
2. Uncle from Ghana
3. Who Have I Offended?
4. Summon the Elders
5. Reincarnation of the Father
6. Protect Me
7. Wade in the Water (traditional)
8. Judge Not Yet Ye Be Da Judge
9. All About You
10. Thoughts of My Ancestors

Extended Family
Featuring Ronnie Burrage, Joe Ford, and Marc Puricelli.

1. Extended Family RA  MP3
2. Everything Must Change
3. Oh No!
4. Grit Head
5. Past Present Tense
6. Remembering Clyde
7. Savannah Strut
8. Talk To Me
9. Giant Steps
10. A Little Prayer For Mom

Avery Sharpe & John Blake Duo
Epic Ebony Journey

1. Movin’ Up RA  MP3
2. Prayer Meetin’
3. Underground Railroad
4. Motherland
5. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
6. His Eye Is on the Sparrow
7. Maiden Dance
8. Freefall
9. Mr. P.C.
10. Promised Land
11. Passion Dance
12. Jim Crow
13. There Is No Greater Love